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    What items should be stocked in an isolation/sick room? Right now all of our flock are healthy birds but we would like to be prepared if someone were to become injured or ill. I'm imagining we would need a small cage,antibiotics of some sort? I'm sure there's so much more we would need. Any input would be greatly appriciated.

  2. I have a medium-sized dog crate (wire) with a cloth cover and metal pan;
    can use at house or in barn feed room which is constructed so barn cats can't access;
    ceramic heater
    water source
    magnifying glass
    clean rags
    cotton balls
    rubbing alcohol
    tincture of iodine
    electrolytes on hand, also vitamins
    apple cider vinegar
    olive oil
    electrolytes with antibiotics, would only use in certain circumstances
    eye droppers
    latex gloves
    blue lotion

    Some other thoughts here:
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