Its amazing what people throw away.

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    My husband gets made when I make him stop to pick up things. I've gotten a sewing table that my machine sets down in. Fencing, Bikes to be fixed for charity. All kinds of wood and wood cabinets. Toilets look cute with flowers planted in them too!! I used to have rose bushes planted in some.

    He gets really upset when I stop and make him pick up christmas trees that are thrown out after christmas. I haul them out to the back of the property and pile them around trees and rocks were grapes and brambles are growing. Make great homes for feather and furry friends to keep warm in the winter.
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    I was seriously just talking to my neighbor about this exact thing yesterday!!

    I heard that 40+% of all landfill garbage is construction waste! It kills me to see all the great wood that gets tossed at building sites, especially when it is really large commercial buildings where they have more money than time which = more waste.
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    When I lived in Germany, it was normal to leave items you no longer wanted on the curb for anyone who wanted it. No sign needed.
    I imagine in this country, this practice would warrant complains of unsightly junk.
  4. A lot of us in Starke, Fla used to leave a bunch of stuff at the curb for others to pick up if they want it. Well, now with the new mayor and such, it's not allowed. You have to keep everything SPOTLESS cleaned. the new Mayor makes it difficult for people now. They complain about tiny little things. IF you don't follow along with their complaints, you WILL loose your house. My father in law almost lost his house because he is too busy with several jobs to keep up with his yard.
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    Quote:I lived in germany four years when I was a kid( we called it junking) we got great stuff... tons of bicycles that my dad rebuilt for the kids around us.. furniture and deep time we got a garbage bag full of barbies and barbie clothes(best find for 3 little girls)
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    We are building and I've told DH and the contractor to not throw any wood away .. LOL..

    just pile it up neatly by the shed, thank you!
  8. We scored on a bunch of scrap ply wood from the house being built right nextdoor! [​IMG] Just took what we wanted (with permission)and walked it to the garage.They were just gonna burn it all and there's plenty of it! Also some steel beam pieces that work great to elevate the feeder and waterers in our 'lil pens and brooder.It helps a tad for the house being right up on us. My Dad's been here for 10+ years and now we'll get to look at a big 'ol garage wall instead of 3open lots. It's a gee could they be any closer to us situation,I think there's 3 feet between us.[​IMG] Plenty of projects to do over winter.

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