Its amazing what people throw away.

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    Quote:Don't mean to be rude, just wanted to let you know....I work for a Solid Waste company and actually most contractors would love for someone to take it off their hands. Most solid waste companies either charge by the ton or the box. Construction waste is charged at a different price than household trash but because most construction waste is contaminated it costs them more....Just a little FYI....It's still dangerous to crawl into the rolloff's though. Possibly better to get it before it gets inside the container.
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  2. Quote:Don't you think this is why our country is in the terrible shape it is in? Because of such waste. We were leaving my sister's house today, and there by the curb with these people's trash was a good looking shop vac. We drove around the block, and as DH was putting it in my trunk, the owner hollered and said, "help yourself Buddy, it works great, just needs bags and a filter. I was done with it, and wanted it out of here." I was appalled that he could have just set it out with a free sign on it, instead of trashing it.
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    I live on the edge of a small town and have to pay a private trash collector. He told me one day that he has a side business of selling at the flea market all the good stuff that people throw away on his route.
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    Here we have 'spring and fall cleanup', when people put out their unwanteds. It is not unusual to see pickups trawling by all hours of the day and night looking for the good stuff. My daughter and I call it 'scudging', and even though she lives in a different area of the country, we've both gotten some amazing finds. "one man's trash..."
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    In my area, we service 4 towns and a portion of the county (very rural in a lot of areas). The towns have their cleanup in the spring and we have a county wide bulky waste cleanup in the fall. In October we pick 3 areas of the county and run the cleanups for 1/2 day (on Sat) for 3 consecutive Saturdays. It truly is amazing what people throw away.
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    Yup, one man's trash! It's good, finding new homes for things!
  7. my husband has his own hauling scrapt buisness. He goes around collecting HUNDREDS of pounds of scrapt metals and gets good money off from it. There was once, when the recycle place was at a good price, got about $600 to $1000 all from metal. Everytime we go to drop off a load, the lines are FOREVER LOOOOONNNNGGGG....
    Where do we get our scrapt metals? People contact us through craigslist for one, another is getting them off the street. Apartment buildings and commercial buildings are A+++ when it comes to having ALOT of JUNK!
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    Ohhh !!!! We are going to start building our house in the country soon.... and since we are friends with the builder I bet we could gather all the scraps and I could have a nice chicken coop(s) and if I can convince mom and dad a duck pen and house. best of all it would be free [​IMG]
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    now that is a sweet deal [​IMG]
    I'm going to get some quail too, and I, ok my brother used some odds and ends to bulid it. we used parts of an old coop mostly, it's 5x2 and being used as my chick brooder for now.

    but my papa used to work for a big name tile co out in CA {I know where elk grove is} and they would toss so much stuff he would being it back here. my Grandma that lives here has had her kitchen, and three bathroom tiled with tossed tile! and it looks like a show room [​IMG].

    now if I could just come up with a used from some of dads gutter left overs....feeders...?
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    "Junk" doesn't last long in this town.
    Told my FIL that I had spotted a shipping crate behind the glass place last night, we went by and it was already gone!! Those particular crates have two twelve foot long 2"x9" boards on the sides. Kinda hard to haul them in a Ford Ranger though due to their length, but we done it before!

    We take almost anything, because we sell scrap metal if we can't use it for anything else.

    I agree you won't have to pay much if you can wait long enough to find something!
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