Its amazing what people throw away.


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Sep 9, 2009
Lake Butler (Union County)
Im also building my coop with junk people have thrown out. the Wood foundation is from someone's remodeling project. They tore down a wall and such and that is what Im using for the setting of the hen house. For the sidings, Im using someone's old tin roof. For the fencing of the run, someone has thrown out 21 fence posts and a roll of fencing. Even the nails and screws that we are using, SOMEONE THREW OUT!


Basically my coop is being built FREE

I told a friend that, who is trying to get a pen for her dogs. She basically



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Jun 2, 2009
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Oh, yes, free is the way to go !!

My philosphy is: if you have ENOUGH time, you'll never have to buy anything at the new cost.
Meaning, that if you can wait a while, you'll find it, used or recycled or thrown out or at the thrift store or something. We only have to buy new stuff when we don't want to wait or can't wait.

Last week my husband got an entire set of 18V tools ($400 worth), in great shape, because the owner didn't feel like buying a new battery ($40).

Not only that but you can feel smug about saving the planet!!!


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Sep 9, 2009
Lake Butler (Union County)
Nice to have pretty new things but why bother with all that when the economic today is really really really and I mean REALLY SUCKY! Almost NOBODY can afford anything nowaday. Recycling is the best way to go!

My hubby wants to make feeders and such out of POP CANS! lets see how that goes... *Im a lil scared of that!*

Even our Donkey's feeder and waterer are Recycled materials. They are steel barrels cut in half and old wells cut in half. Works great. Our dog's food and water bowls are the same thing.


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Sep 20, 2009
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That's cool....

I just got finished building a new brooder on Monday and all the wood was left over form when my in laws built their house a year or so ago.. Cost a total of $45 for the hardware cloth & hinges!!

Whe we built out coop the only thing we bought new was the plywood and chicken wire...

Makes you feel good to use all recycled stuff!!



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Feb 3, 2007
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We've often gone to where they are building log homes and asked the foreman if we could go through his dumpsters. From one haul, we had enough to build our little hexagonal Firetower coop, except for some roll roofing and the paint I wanted.


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Aug 31, 2008
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Great job Pokes - Great looking quail pens ,
can you give some infor. on the size of pens boxies what the floor and roof made out of . ect.
what type of Quail are you going to be raising, will they be house outside or indoors.

Thanks Alan

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Apr 26, 2007
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A great resource around here is bulky item pick-up day. They don't do it in my specific area, but they do in Elk Grove where my eldest sister lives. i just happened to be visiting her one day to find huge piles of stuff in all the streets and a crusher truck throwing things in to be destroyed. i stayed one step ahead of that truck and got a brand new wooden screen door (which i will use on my next pen), three plastic chairs (to use in my pens), a wooden bookcase, a heavy stone fountain, large rolling suitcase, flower pots, an antique vanity, fold up wooden chair, vintage metal chair, and lots of other cool items.

My other sister arrived with her station wagon and we trolled the streets piling in whatever we could. i wish my sister had told us it was bulky item pick-up as i would have arrived earlier. It just kills me to see all those things just being destroyed. i wish i had a truck because i had to pass up about twenty 4' x 8' fencing sections (the kind they sell at Lowes for around $20 each). Also had to pass on tons of perfectly good lumber. We all could have built new coops and pens from what was being thrown out in that one neighborhood that day.


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Jun 18, 2009
East Tennessee
We had a walk-in dumpster where I worded at So Cent Bell in Knoxville, TN. Guy I know went in to look at something and wind blew the man-door shut, locking him in. It was the type that was open to the sky. He kept shouting and banging on the walls and finally someone coming thru the alleyway heard him and let him out. He never lived it down.


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Sep 4, 2009
DaKid - I have A&M quail in the incubator right now. These are my first attempt at quail. I will be keeping them outside. Each compartment is 18"W x 24"L x 14"H. The frame is made of scrap 2" x 6"s that i cut into one inch square strips. The sides bottoms are 1/2" x 1" poultry wire. The tops are just plywood.
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