It's coming together!


10 Years
Sep 21, 2009
My husband and I finally got the coop framed out today! Next weekend we will be sheeting it. I am so happy it is finally coming together. I am thinking the run is by far going to be the easiest, compared to the coop itself. My chicks are only a week old but I won't be able to relax until that darned coop is done!
Take lots of pictures!! Congrats!! It took us forever but we finally got done with ours.....opps did I mention I want more ventilation?? My poor DH!!!
I thought the run would be easier too. We have a lot of preditors here so by the time i made the run predator proof it turned into more work and money than the coop. I tend to over do things so hopefully you won't have as much in your as i do. Good Luck and post pics.
I will definitely be posting some pics soon. I was so preoccupied today that I didn't even think about it.
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i took advice from patandchickens about ventilation, my coop dosen't smell ever and no flies either. Leaving with a horse pasture for a backyard, says something.
We covered all the windows and openings of the old gazebo with wire and covered with wood shavings. And there you have it, our chicken coop!
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