It's getting harder to wait!!!!!!!!!

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Jul 9, 2009
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I have 4 pure Ameraucana's and I've been so patiently waiting for those gorgeous blue eggs. Now it's getting REALLY close, and I'm getting impatient! (They are almost 22 weeks old) A couple of them are getting really red, 1 of them squatted for me several days ago, and last night I saw my Welsummer rooster mate with one of them. I know it's coming soon, but I'm anxious to get them!


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Jul 15, 2009
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Be patient. My easter eggers were the last ones to start laying, and were later than the second to last by a few weeks. My EEs were a good 24-25 weeks old before they started laying (and I think I still have 1 that's not laying since my highest egg day is 10 eggs out of 11 chickens, and there's one EE I haven't seen in the nest box yet).

ETA - I'm not implying that EEs are Ameraucanas. Just that they are mixed with 'em.
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