It's Not a Croc! I need a name for my Backyard Farm.

Shobe Biz

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Mar 7, 2012

I won a contest and now I need a name for my backyard farm. I live in So. California
and have 11 chickens, an English Doodle named Mango, and a cat named Sequoia, plus fruit trees, a sunflower-planted hillside, and a planter boxes brimming with tomatoes and other luscious goodies. Have any ideas? There may be something in it for you. Check out my blog at Chicken Women.
Crock-a-Dock Farm
That photo made me laugh.
I see that you have 17 world famous Jersey Giants. I LOVED my Jersey Giant. She passed away due to Marek's Disease at around 6 months (even though he had been inoculated, supposedly). She was such a good hen. Their feathers are so beautiful!
They are pretty gals. My hubby says my chickens are the most photographed poultry in the world.
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