I've been hand feeding my chicks...


8 Years
Jun 1, 2011
I have been going on a worm hunt (frequently several a day), finding and digging up worms and slugs and grubs to feed my chicks. They were about 4 weeks when we got them and now they are about 8-9 weeks. Will feeding them from my hand (the protein snacks) keep them from learning to find them on their own (We have kept them in a crate until we could integrate them in with the adult chickens). We have 4 adult hens and 3 chicks not related. We are still feeding them pullet mash and millet seeds and oyster shells. We've never had chickens before and are in the dark a lot concerning their care.
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I don't think it effects them at all. You can't take the chicken out of the chicken. They start scratching as early as the first week of life. They will always look for bugs and such.
Im sure they apprieate all the Easy treats , but they naturally scratch and will find them on there own eventually. My Uno is so spoiled tho that when she sees me grab the shovel she comes running she knows whats up! Then again she is the only one that figured it out? then again she is the nosiest one and follows me around like a little puppy the others only come running when they see the white treat bucket! LOL I guess they figure that the only way to get their yogurt is out of the "White Bucket O Love".

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