I've de-wormed them....now what?


9 Years
May 12, 2010
Hudson, MA
So I did the wazine in the h2o w/ a two week withdrawl. Just this past Sat, I did Ivermectin pour on & will wait out the 2 week withdrawl period for that one too. My question is , how long does this protect them for??? How often do they need to be de-wormed??? It was only done as a preventative measure & not a necessary measure.
Yearly should be fine, unless you have a problem with worms in your flock/area.
I think I may do it more often than that. I've had a problem with tapes which the ivermectin won't get so I use the valbazen too (you'll know if you have tapes though). They've kept reoccuring but I'm finding some better results after putting sand in the run and house.

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