Ivermectin sheep drench same as pour-on??

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    Gracious. I was just heading out to treat the chickens for the first time w/ Ivermectin (used Wazine in the past) when I came here to double check the dosage. I notice everyone talking about Ivermectin Pour-On, Ivermectin Injectible....but nothing on "sheep drench", which is what my bottle says. Any advice? From what I see here, http://www.drugs.com/vet/ivermectin-sheep-drench.html, drench is given orally. If that is the case here, what is the dose to give?
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    i did a little research and it appears the sheep drench is oral only. I'm not sure if people use this for fowl but due to my calculations on the label 1mL would treat 8.67 lbs, being .12mL per pound.
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