Jersey Giant Vs Buffs... crowing


10 Years
Apr 25, 2009
usally people want the quitest rooster, but i want the loudest one, our neigbors blocks away could use to hear my domneqie(sp?) before i got rid of him and know they tell me they miss the crow. and since i am getting one of the two any way, what in your opnion is the loudest.
alright, i am going to a chicken show tomor. and hopefully one will crow for me if there is one
My neighbor has a Dominique rooster and I can hear him crow every day from two blocks away, though he's not that loud. I would think how loud it would crow would depend more on the specific bird rather than the breed, but I've never owned a rooster so I wouldn't know
alright, my friend called me and told me about a free rooster add on Cl, picked him up and the owner said she thinks the mom was a Rhode island red and the dad a buff oringon, it is an orange-brown color. crow great my neigbors have already called, lol though i will get one of the two breed mention in the title later, thank you to all

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