Joliet IL chicken Ordinance

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Term Farm explained 47-3.9(c) Zoning Ordinance

Farm: All of the contiguous neighboring or associated land operated as a single unit on which bona fide farming is carried on directly by the owner-operator, manager or tenant farmer, by his own labor or with the assistance of members of his household or hired employees, provided, however, that land to be considered a farm, hereunder shall include a contiguous 9 parcel of five (5) acres or more in area, provided further, farms may be considered as including establishments operated as bona fide greenhouses, nurseries, orchards, chicken hatcheries, poultry farms, and apiaries, but establishments keeping or operating fur-bearing animals, riding or boarding stables, commercial dog kennels, stone quarries or gravel or sand pits, shall not be considered farm hereunder unless combined with bona fide farm operations on the same contiguous tract of land of not less than twenty (20) acres. No farms shall be operated as piggeries, or for the disposal of garbage, sewage, rubbish, offal or rendering plants, or for the slaughtering of animals except such animals as have been raised on the premises or have been maintained on the premises for at least a period of one year immediately prior thereto and for the use and consumption by persons residing on the premises.

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