Just an update on treating sarcoids

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    I had posted about 18 months ago as to my dilema as to treat or leave alone my 20 yr old morab's sarcoids. She had a single one on her ear (looked like a fat feeding tick), to 3 in one year.

    I was alarmed how quickly they grew and became 3. Not many had experience here, and not many of my horse friends did either. There seemed to be a 50/50 on treat and maybe they go crazy and spread or leave alone.

    So we contacted 3 different vets ALL said treat. Eventually we went with a cut off (they were too big for chemo cream) vs freeze off. He did that because he took a margin of the ear without the sarcoids. So not that ear looks a bit thinner. But its been a bout a year and NO regrowth!!! I check all the time as vet said if I catch early they can use the chemo cream.

    SO there you have it. I hope this helps someone else in the future.

    While I do realize they may still come back, I am very optimistic, because I was told regrowth would happen fast if at all.

    Just wanted to update.
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    I have copied your post to an email to my SIL. Her horse has Sarcoids in his ear too and the description you gave sounds EXACTLY like hers. Poor thing - she's been through the ringer as she already lost a horse to sarcoid in the face, and this is the horse she got after the first died and she hadn't had him 6 months when she found Sarcoids growing in his ear. She elected not to treat because she did every treatment available, including a couple that were only experimental, on her first horse and he died of it anyway, at only 11-12 years of age. So this time she decided not to treat because she was afraid that the treatments actually "angered" the sarcoids last time and made them more aggressive. Thanks for the update and info. So far, my SIL's horse's ear sarcoids are neither growing nor shrinking about 18 months after diagnosis, so I don't think she'll want to change streams at this point, but I know she is interested in everything she can learn about them.
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    what about black salves? I have gone to a healer locally for skin cancers and the bloodroot salve he applied killed the cancer down to the roots. The cancer turns white, and falls out, leaving a depression where it was. I keep it covered with a bandaid and triple antibiotic ointment untill healed.


    I found this online and it is made with bloodroot. Might be worth a shot. It is certainly cheaper than a vet visit--what do you have to lose? Keep us posted.

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