Just got some "rescue" hens, one has very swollen eye

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  1. dmdhart

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    Jun 12, 2009
    Millwood, VA
    I just took on 5 red star hens. I have no idea how old they are. They're in pretty rough shape. 4 of them are half bald, the other has a very very swollen eye.
    All 5 are quite thin. I have kept them seperate from my others, am giving them poly vi sol, medicated chick starter, duramycin, probiotics, and a very good mixed bird seed to get them to eat more. They are all eating well, but I'm concerned. I dusted them for lice when they first came in case that's why they're bald (not sure). The one with the swollen eye (her name is Olivia) really worries me. I've had her on antibiotics for over a week now. I have been putting warm compresses on her eye, and have managed to get some neosporin in her eye, but it's not going down. When she first came, it was just a litte runny. Now it as big as large marble!! It's breaking my heart. She is so sweet. Daily I doctor on her, and she is so loving..............I don't know what else to do, or what could be causing this. I do not have money to take any of them to a vet. Any suggestions?
    Thanks for any input.
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    Oct 18, 2007
    Sounds like you're doing pretty much everything. I can't think of anything else that might help..........hope she recovers.
  3. gsim

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    Jun 18, 2009
    East Tennessee
    Ask around your friends to see if anyone has colloidal or ionic silver solution. A drop every two hours for around 3 days could cure it. It stings lightly. If it is swelling inside of her eyeball tho, I think she will lose it.

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