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Just In Time Hatching Egg AUCTION and BIN Thread

Discussion in 'Chicken Hatching Eggs' started by DMRippy, Mar 14, 2013.

  1. Pyxis

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    Mar 27, 2012
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    So is this a recurring Buy It Now, for the prices listed in your last post, instead of an auction? Sorry, just trying to clarify since it seems people are confused :)

    An auction should have a listed start date (usually the time of posting), a listed opening bid, and a listed end time and date, at which point the person who has bid the most wins and gets the eggs for that price.

    For a Buy It Now (BIN), you list a certain amount of eggs you have ready to ship, for a set price, and anyone can buy them at any time for that price.
  2. TashaFrancois

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    Jun 3, 2018
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    Edited posts. Clearer? :oops:
  3. TashaFrancois

    TashaFrancois Songster

    Jun 3, 2018
    Kansas City, MO
    Would you be interested in a trade for some Sebastopol eggs?
  4. Pyxis

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    Mar 27, 2012
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    Kind of - I see for the ACs you added that the bidding will close on Tuesday, but didn't set a time. If you want them to go right to the end of Tuesday, you should say "Bidding ends 11:59 PM on 3/5/19 EST" or whatever time zone you're in :)

    Then you also need to set a starting bid, whatever amount you want that to be. Someone could win the eggs for whatever you set the starting bid at, so keep that in mind.

    Here's an example of an auction I ran last year, under a spoiler so no one thinks I'm actually running this auction:

    2+ Tufted Roman goose hatching eggs

    Up for auction are 2 hatching eggs from my tufted Roman geese. I'll include a third if one gets laid by the time I ship the eggs.

    Tufted Romans are the smallest breed of domestic goose. They are friendly and docile in nature, and are critically endangered. This breed is the breed of the famous geese that saved Rome from invading Gauls. They are excellent watch birds and will alert when they see danger.

    My females are pet quality, so I cannot guarantee the size of the tuft or if they will be all white - they might have some gray spots, etc. However, their temperament is excellent, even the ganders. Even right now in breeding season the most they do is hiss at me.

    Starting bid is $20, shipping is $20 double boxed. Will ship Saturday for Monday delivery. Auction ends 12 pm EST 4/13.

    It's got everything needed: name of what's for auction, a description, a starting bid, the amount of shipping, and the ending date and time of the auction. It had pictures too of course but I cut those out.
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  6. TashaFrancois

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    Jun 3, 2018
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    Oh no. I’ll update photographs in the morning. Some are old. Henwen is. But the roo and Dinah have feathered. I can separate the eggs if you prefer one or the other. Here are few but night so not great photographs. Babies are very annoyed with winter. Our worst in a decade. All 3 after a spa day to help with frost bite.

    80EBFAF6-FADD-4FC7-97D7-F17BC38256FA.jpeg 0B50F7EB-2333-45B2-A5AA-E8E117D16F3E.jpeg 394F05B2-F76C-455F-85BF-7D1DAF8BACE0.jpeg 17422D17-1FFF-4C30-966C-08523C99ECD4.jpeg 48BC344A-528E-4CB0-95AD-91625D72B0E9.jpeg B347BF56-70A9-492C-8457-A3B5013EB8E3.jpeg 51571848-19AB-40B3-9D48-3702E4F9FCAC.jpeg
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    Auction - Opal Legbar CHICKS!

    Winner gets 6 split pullet chicks and 1 Opal cockerel chick.
    Chicks are 4 weeks old.


    These follow same breeding as other lavender breeds.
    cream x cream = 100% cream
    cream x opal = 100% split
    split x opal = 50% split & 50% opal
    opal x opal = 100% opal

    Starts at $1
    Winner to add $10 for the box plus actual shipping based on 8 pounds from zip code 64060.
    Auction ends Friday, 04/05/2019, 8:00 pm CST. Last time stamp showing 8:00 gets them.
    Cannot ship to Virginia.
    Cannot ship to 90000-93599 due to quarantine.

    NPIP AI clean. Ships from near Kansas City, MO.

    I'm using more golden crele than cream legbars in my breeding pens in order to enhance the color of my Opals. You can expect the splits to be a mix of both cream and golden crele.



    Egg color varies by light source and surroundings, as well as personal perception. I get some nice blue egg which look more green under the kitchen light. White egg gene has not been eliminated yet so small possibility you might get a white/cream layer.

    These photos are all the same egg - same location, same camera setting. I just held it next to different colors on the OAC Chart. This is one of the bluer eggs I've gotten.




    Thanks for looking. Happy bidding and good luck!

  8. pidgey104

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    Nov 10, 2007
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    Awe man missed the legbars
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  9. Njroosters

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    Jun 19, 2017
    Any more opal eggs or chicks for sale. I love them!
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  10. Prairie Fleur

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    Jul 17, 2014
    Ingalls Ks
    Bin: to ship Wednesday April 24
    Exactly 6 French Golden Cuckoo Marans hatching eggs. I've been working on these for several years now, egg color is definitely improving, still working on color of the birds, hens need more golden at the neck and my rooster has some white feathers in his tail that I don't like. Breed type is nice tho. $10 for the 6 eggs plus $18 shipping. Payment must be recieved by 9 am CST in order to ship Wednesday. Eggs pictured are ones I'm currently hatching. Should have chicks hatching within the week.
    Cross posted. First come, first serve.

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