Just made the call to get NPIP, what should I expect?


Crooked Creek Poultry
8 Years
Sep 20, 2011
I have taken the plunge into NPIP, I have no idea what I need to do to get prepared. Anyone who has BTDT or is a NPIP certifier care to weigh in? TIA
I'd ask the tester what would make their job easier.

For one thing, you will need to have the birds confined so that they can be very quickly caught and held. The tester won't wait 2 hours while you chase a bird from tree to tree.

They are going to also want to swab your incubator and brooders, so have those available.
I have just recently had my chickens done. You need to have your chickens caught in cages because they will not wait ten minutes for you to catch them. Also depends on what state you live in, Florida makes you have a breeding pairs to get tested, if you just want to have your chickens tested just to have them tested they usually will not come out. Its a smooth process, try to have them bled weeks before a show so you can get the card back in time for a show and you can clean the blood off the wings.
I was just done yesterday!! Yeah!! Im in louisiana and the tester came out. My daughter and I took turns grabbing them out of the run and after tested i just let them free range. Very quick process but a tad messy so wear old clothes. Good luck!

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