Just placed a chick order!


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8 Years
Feb 21, 2011
I just placed an order with Purely Poultry for 5 assorted silkies, 5 black jersey giants, and 5 buff orpingtons. The silkies are mine, and the others are my friends who wanted some more, so it was super nice to split the order with him. I can't wait! These will be my first chicks
doreseach before buying animals i did the same thing wiith my goats very bad idea learn everything first then buy
Congratulations on your first chick order! That's the biggest step. The second is getting used to how much you'll be shelling out (no pun intended!) to prep for your little peeps. Be sure to buy good quality feeders, etc. so that you have minimal expenses the next time you order. And you *will* probably order again, because those little peeps are very addictive.

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