Just when I was ready to put away 'bator #1 ........


10 Years
Apr 18, 2009
Cottage Grove , Oregon
There I was thinking I could pack up one bator when I got home as there were just 5 remaining quail eggs that I'd given an extra few days to in it .
WRONG !!!!
DH saw what fun I had with the button quail and thought I'd like to incubate chickens
. So without even thinking to ask me he came home with 18 chicken eggs and popped them ( still in the carton ) in the bator while I was at work .

They are small eggs, mixed browns & whites. I asked about breeds. The reply " all kinds running around together " . Apparently they were raising them for meat but couldn't butcher them so there are 50 assorted chickens free ranging their property.
Well , I guess here goes my first chicken incubation .......... lets hear it for a 'barnyard mix'

I asked if they wanted the chicks that hatch as we are in the middle of town and at our chicken limit . " Nope, they're yours "

Guess they'll be a craigslist special in a few weeks
Lucky YOU!! My hubby consented but is not thrilled with me having an incubator - he knows I will fill it! I have eggs on the way actually. How lucky that yours likes your hobby enough to facilitate it. Barnyard mixes are very cool and versatile, plus they make all those undefinable colors, and you have a cool little puzzel in each baby trying to figure out just what the mix is - fun! I love em!
Remember to give your enabeling hubby a big hug!
Just candled the 'barnyard mix'.
Of the 7 white eggs 6 have veins.
The brown eggs are harder to see in to but I *think* 7 of the 11 have veins too.
The provider of the eggs gave me a list of 10 hen breeds these could be from but only listed the roosters as Buff Orpington so at least I know for sure the 'daddy' breed
Congrats!! Glad that most are developing. Best wishes and keep us updated - I wanna see some of these babies when they hatch!
I was just thinking the same thing! I would love for hubby to take a role, even a small one, in the farm stuff. Not to be. I'm still enjoying all of my critters. I just ordered another 20 eggs for the *bator*.

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