Keep food down for the chics all the time?


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Mar 7, 2014
Baby chicks of different kinds. There are 10 total. Do I keep food in there for them all the time or do I feed them twice a day? They eat CONSTANTLY!!!!! They are getting sooo fat. Is this normal? I know they are babies but wow! They have enough room to roam around and scratch in the pine shavings and they even have toys they aren't really interested in. I just can't believe how fast they are growing and how fat they are getting.
The only chicks you pull feed on is Cornish Cross. All other breeds to my knowledge should have feed and water available to them whenever they want it.

Chicks grow very fast for the first few weeks. That's normal.
Thank you. They are dual purpose. We got lost in which ones are which and how many of each but they are suppose to be a mix of Buff Orpington, Black Austrolorp, Amerucauna (they spelled it Americana), and maybe a new Hampshire red. They just seem to be so fat and its amazing how much these guys can constantly eat. I don't know how old they actually are but they are all getting their wing feathers really fast and some are getting what looks like feathers on their butts on the top. They came from a farm supply store. I'm pretty sure they are different ages though. The americaunas (or maybe they are austrolorps) are getting tall and very pretty feathers much faster than the rest. We just got them Friday. There is one that is a darker golden color and smaller than all the rest. Its the most docile and doesn't mind being held. Hopefully, it isn't sick. Its so much calmer than the rest of them. All 9 of the others don't like to be messed with though. Thank you for the info.
Try to put your hand in their brooder with some food in it and hold/ pet them each day. They will lean to tolerate it and some may even enjoy it. They do grow really fast, but I wouldn't call ours fat... Ours don't eat all day either...but they do seem to eat often, like every hour. What is your heat set up?
Yes, babies eat a lot and grow fast! Rest assured that just because one is calm doesn't necessarily mean it's ill--some chicks are just friendlier than others.

One sidenote, if you bought "Ameraucanas" (or any variation of that name) from a store like TS, what you actually got were mutts called Easter Eggers. Easter Eggers are basically Ameraucana mixes, where they mixed an Ameraucana with some other variety. They're delightful birds and probably my favorite "breed", because they're healthy, handle heat and cold very well, and lay steadily even in the winter. Added bonus: They have the cuuuuutest fluffy faces!

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