Keep getting blind button quail chicks


Sep 8, 2019
I am still on the fence whether this chick is blind or not since its not even a day old but it sadly looks like it is because after having it nestle in my hand and putting it back into the brooder it calls even though my hand is right next to it, it also seems to walk into the walls in an attempt to find my hand.

But this is the second time that I have possibly gotten another blind chick, the last one had a larger left eye and that one died in only 3 days, it too showing some similarities to this but wasn't nearly as active as the one I have now

And my male is about 4yrs of age so he is quite old so it may be genetics? Also my humidity did fluctuate between 40-60% until lockdown where I kept it usually at around 55%.

But I just hope it can make it because its my most active chick yet :(

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