keep your babies calm


In the Brooder
May 21, 2015
I'd have to say, the best thing I've heard is to put a feather duster in with your new hatchlings. At first I thought it was silly but I did it and it totally works. They stopped crying as soon as I put it in the brooder and they now snuggle up underneath of it and fall asleep togethe .
That is a great idea! My go-to is a slow breath out/ air hiss (drawn out "heh" sound). They get real quiet and start to drop like flies. Very good when they get scared of storms or getting picked up. Btw, LOVE those silkie chicks!
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They love it. I'll walk out to check on them and they starting chirping and running around to see me but then they snuggle under the heat and feathers when I leave. I had a friend that used it for baby ducks and said it worked great.

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