Keeping a group of 4 roosters together?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by chicksaplenty, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. chicksaplenty

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    Nov 9, 2013
    Molalla, Oregon
    So, one of my hens had 6 baby chicks- 3 were hens and 3 were roos. I already have 'daddy' roo and now the 3 teenager roos. (I call them teenagers cause they are around 3 months old and are starting to be hormonal)
    I made the decision to keep them separated from the other hens (8 total including the 3 young ones) because I didn't want the teenagers to start tormenting their sisters or their mom, or the other ones. 'Daddy' roo was a teenager when we got him and he got right down to business and got mom 'pregnant' within about 1 month.... :)
    The problem is that the roos can see all the hens and I know that they want to be with them, so they run along the fence all the time. I can't really close off the view thou. Anybody got any thoughts on that?
    Number two is, that it seem the 3 young ones are starting to fight with each other a bit. I see them posture and attack each other a few times during the day. It never lasts long, but should I be concerned? I am hoping that they are just working things out, being all boys in their own space. So far 'daddy' roo has not participated in the fighting.
    On a side note- daddy roo is a bantam rooster, and all my grown hens are full size hens. The young roos are already taller than daddy- will that be a problem you think?

    thanks for your input.... maybe I just worry too much and things will be okay. I am planning on making the 3 young roos lunch and dinner- they are 3 months old now and a mix between speckled Sussex (mom) and red laced bantam Wyandotte (dad). When do you think I can butcher the roos?

    Sorry, for the varying topics in this post- I started typing and thought about a few different things. :)

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    4 roos are too many for 8 hens.

    They can live in a pen together and eventually things will settle down.
    But eventually you'll have to decide if you want to keep that many roosters without getting eggs or eat any extras.
    You could give them away (free is the going price for crossbred roosters) but they'll get eaten where they go so you might as well get the benefit of your care and feeding.

    One of my rooster flocks


  3. chicksaplenty

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    Nov 9, 2013
    Molalla, Oregon
    Thanks for your reply- you have some real pretty looking roosters there...
  4. donrae

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    I agree, you need to decide what your long term plans are for these guys.

    You can keep them in a separate bachelor pad forever. they'll squabble a little, but usually not huge drama or injuries.

    You really can't put that many guys with your flock, unless you have tons and tons of room and are just really lucky.

    You can rehome or butcher the roosters. Personally, I can't keep nonproducing birds and chicken feed isn't getting any cheaper. My plan is to butcher all the cockerels I hatch out, unless one presents himself as a good candidate for a keeper.

  5. sam511

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    Oct 9, 2013
    Nice roosters. Have they been together since hatching? Curious as to breed. Brown Leghorn cross?

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