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Jun 8, 2017
Mojave Desert
I recently bought 16 chicks from hoovers hatchery about 4 weeks ago. I bought 8 barred rocks and 8 golden laced Wyandotte. When I went to pick them up one was extremely sick and died within the hour(Golden laced). Then a barred rock got sick and died as well. Now I have 14 healthy chicks that are growing extremely fast. I have 4 male chicks (2 of each breed). Now I know that for now I will be okay, but what will I do in the future. The chicks will turn into roosters and they will begin to fight for the hens. By the way I plan to sperate both breeds to keep the bloodlines seperated. Also I have another problem with my dog. He will kill any animal smaller than him which worries me since the chicks will soon be going outside. What do you guys think I should do. Sorry for making this long but more details could help fond a solution.
The dog seems untrainable he is loving with people but isn't good with anything other than human. Also I don't want to limit the chickens space due to the dog being a danger to them. The dog is 6 years old and he had an incident when he was a puppy which seemed to traumatize him. Ever since he has attacked anything that isn't human.
What method can I use to train the dog?

First, back away from assumptions about mental state of dog. So far you are pigeon holing it which causes you to limit your approach options.

Second, work solid separation of birds and dog that can hold even when you are not present.

Third, work on controlling the dog and getting it interested in things not chicken. Think things with novel smells in particular.

Start fourth, training, once first three at least underway.

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