keeping up coturnix feather condition?


9 Years
Jan 10, 2011
How does one keep up feather condition in coturnix? MY adult breeders are housed on wire, not crowded, the juveniles, are on a solid floor with shavings, and not exactly spacious... the juvies(which are 9 weeks now) have great feathers, regardless of the whole 50/50 male female split and all the matting and what not... the breeders kept in quads, look a bit rough. The only difference i can see is that the adults don't have a dust bath or anything like that, where as the juvies are constantly fluffing in the shavings... is that the key!?
Dust Bath + Your Adult Breeders In Quads... Thats Alot Of Roo For 3 Hens. May Wanna Increase His Harem Size So All That Lil Hunka Burnin Love Can Be Spread Around A Lil More. Kind Of Like The Old Saying "grass Doesnt Grow On A Well Used Path? "
when i get bigger pens i'll be keeping more hens per roo but right now the cages are too small for anything other then a quad... the thing i find funny is the juvi pen is 11 males and 7 females i think? hows that for bad ratio, but yet they have nice feathers lol

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