Kids say the funniest things.

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    So this afternoon i picked up my 3yr old niece from school and on the way home she explained to me why we have roosters and hens ( a flock of 54 laying hens with 5 roo's for breeding and then 100 meat roosters heading to freezer camp tomorrow and the next few days.. )

    So according to Katie ( the 3 yr old )
    we keep hens cause they lay eggs and eggs are yummy for breakfast and for baking and they are just SO yummy...

    and we keep a lot of roosters cause they lay chicken nuggets... lol

    i was nearly crying cause i was trying to hold in my laugh.. but i guess it makes sense.. maybe? lol
  2. ROFL that is priceless!! In all honesty it took me about five minutes or so to understand "chicken nuggets", because I call animal poop "nuggets" so I thought she was referring to rooster poop, which made me wonder why she felt rooster poop was important to keep (other than the obvious reason of fertilizer). So then I started trying to imagine why a 3 year old would feel rooster poop was of any value. It only occurred to me after pouring over all of this that she probably meant the McDonald's "chicken nuggets" and then my entire thought process was interrupted by an unmistakable "DUH" coming from my own mouth. [​IMG]
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    May 11, 2010
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    Yeah right now I swear all that kid wants to eat is chicken nuggets and Mac n cheese lol... But I guess that's average for most 3 year olds.

    The other day she cought one of my breeding roosters with a net ( don't ask me how she did it cause I turned around and then she called me so I would look and she has one of my BCM's in the net.... She said hannie can you make him give me some chicken nuggets?

    She didn't really understand the talk her mom gave her. Lol
  5. [​IMG]
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    Kids really are too funny, remind me of the time.. dd told me the chickens fingers, make chicken fingers... She was refering to their ties.. lol
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    Feb 9, 2012
    Oh my gosh!!!!! That is soooooooo funny! My baby gave me a note that said "I luv yoo!" OMG, precious age. (5)

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