Kitten teaching Puppy? *pics*


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I recently adopted a tiny little Chihuahua puppy that i named Izzy. When we all got home her and the rescue kitten, Isaac (now 6 months old), were friends immediately. They run, play and attack eachother anytime Izzy isn't sleeping. They even eat together now.

I've been trying to pad train Izzy since i got her and she's picking up on it fairly well. Usually goes pee on it everytime now, even on her own, but is still having some trouble with not getting to it when she has to poo. I usually have 2 pads put down, one in the front of the hosue and one in the bedroom. Well over the last 2 days Isaac has starting going potty(#2) on the pad in the bedroom! I was Really annoyed at first because he did it on a new pad and i had to throw it away after that. But, now that I have thought about it, I am thinking that maybe he's trying to teach his new friend where she's supposed to go potty? his litter box is clean by the way.

Has anyone ever had a cat do this before? I was kind of laughing about it after the second time and said, " now if I can just get him to use the toilet I wouldn't mind"

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no help here, but apparently one of our cats Digit has learned to pee in the toilet.
My hubby's in CA, Digit is there with him. for the last three weeks, there's been occasions where he's noticed the toilet has been used, but not flushed... in theory, the hubby might forget to flush once in a while, but it seems that unless he's lost his memory all together, Digit's using the toilet at least once on most days.
My cat Flea has done this off and on for years. We caught him multiple times, it was hilarious. He actually tries to 'bury' it, too. For a while we had to make sure we left the lid of the toilet up at night

Bleenie; Crate training might be a good idea instead because the puppy might be teaching the cat to use the pads
OMG.. you have a cat named Digit TOO! Tell me he isnt a grey tabby with double paws....
Yeah... i worry that the cat is going to start messing in the house now...
OMG.. you have a cat named Digit TOO! Tell me he isnt a grey tabby with double paws....

she's a sleek black shorthair - the long legged thin bodied kind - with 7 toes on each foot... and thumbs on the front ones

ok, they're not really thumbs, but the pads grow funny and they kinda look like it.

hubby gets credit for the name. she's a bit of her own kitty... as the hubby says "you're not going to pet me now and let me give you Twenty Eight reasons why not!"


too funny you've got one too!

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