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I am opening a Yarn Shop here in Ione next month.

I am wondering....what is your favorite type of needle?

Bamboo, plastic, wood, steel, nickel, aluminum, handcrafted? And why?

Do you like interchangeable sets like these?

What kinds of yarn do you like to buy? Hand spun? Wool? Mohair? Cotton?

And tell me what you look for in a yarn shop. I am not in competition with Walmart or Joann and the shop is not a huge one.
Oh, I'm so envious of you! I've been studying opening my own business, too. It's not going to happen any time soon. But congratulations on your shop! I've only ever used plastic needles because that is what was out there for sale. The bamboo ones sound interesting. I never got past the beginner stage with crochet/knitting so I have only used cheap cotton yarn. Good luck on your adventure!
I really like the Susan Bates aluminum crochet needles. I have tried different kinds and the yarn seems to move through them the smoothest.
I too like the Bates aluminum needles. Granted, the really pretty carved wood crochet hooks suck me in everytime. I never crochet with them, but I love to buy them.
I have a harder time knitting with the bamboo and wood needles. The yarn doesn't slide and I feel like i am fighting the needles the whole time.

While a variety of yarns is nice, but always brings me back to the yarn store I frequent is the atmosphere and friendliness of the staff. There is an area with comfy chairs and there are always women sitting around working on a project. It has such a relaxed atmosphere, almost like a coffee shop. They run classes on all sorts of topics and people are welcome to come and work on class work at all hours of the day. It is a warm, accepting space.
The staff has always been willing to answer my mostly ignorant questions and they do so cheerfully. I never can afford the uber high end yarn, but they show me the same courtesy that they do the ladies who can buy that yarn. I love that they do keep a variety of yarns on hand so that even those of us watching our pennies can still afford pretty yarns. This particular place also does the punch card thing so you can get a discount on a purchase after X number of previous purchases. I can wait and eye the pricey stuff and save to get it "on sale" with my card. They also have lots of books on a variety of topics (all knitting/crocheting related of course).

Truthfully though, it always comes back to atmosphere and staff. I COULD purchase most of this stuff at Michaels and JoAnns. I PREFER to go in this store to purchase yarns. In a weird way, it makes you feel special.

Good luck with your store!
I like the aluminum needles. I like that they are smooth, even and don't catch on anything. They are also very durable. I'm a sucker for the cute little things you put on the ends of your knitting needles to keep the yarn from slipping off. I like circular needles better than knitting on multiple needles. When I learned to knit, i learned in Germany on five needles instead of four, and all the multiple needle patterns here just threw me off.

I don't knit much anymore. It is just too hot here most of the time to have a bunch of wool in your lap, but when I did I like natural fibers. I like wool, cotton and mohair. I think to set yourself up as different from the average big box store you might want to explore carrying some higher end yarns, like silk, silk blends, cashmere, etc. I tend to like highly textured yarns for many projects, so handspun, hairy mohair and nubby twills are all appealing to me.

I find when I am in a yarn or fiber store I am always attracted to color and touchability. You might want to have small knitted samples of for your stock.
i love bamboo needles. and skacels.

and malabrigo. and studio june yarn.

hand dyed yarn is lovely, but can be expensive. my advice is to have a price range for all. some knitters/hookers can't afford the higher end prices.

also, kalamazoo knits patterns are neat. the gal who designs them is really nice.

and good luck!
I can see it now. Knitted and crocheted cozies for Tupperware!

Sorry Terrie, it sorta got stuck in my brain. Best of luck and good wishes with the new venture!

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