Langshan not laying

Tom Sturdivant

8 Years
Dec 27, 2011
I have an adopted Langshan 1.5 year old hen. I've had her for two weeks. She's in with two others and they're getting along well after about about four days of hazing by a resident hen. She's eating well, active and roosts with my others. There's no place for her to lay a egg out of my sight.
Please advise.


9 Years
Jun 1, 2010
I have two 7 month old Langshans. I've come to the conclusion these guys are REALLY slow to mature. The rooster isn't crowing, is submissive to his HENS, and doesn't exhibit any rooster like behavior. The hen still has a super small pink comb and hasn't laid one egg. She is gorgeous with all her beautiful feathering but that is about it. My friend who raised Langshans says they are bred more for their looks by breeders rather than their egg laying abilities. My hen doesn't get that excuse because she was bought from a hatchery and not a breeder! Hatchery birds I figured should lay pretty decent huh? lol! I'd give her another few weeks to adjust. Make sure your hen isn't being bullied away from the food and is getting a nice spot to roost at night. Also be sure to check her out carefully for any mites or other symptoms that would indicate she is feeling under the weather. Good luck!
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