Large BR Pullet about to be 36 weeks and hasn't laid!


Jul 3, 2011
hE/she certainly is bright red so her hormones are flowing. I had a beautiful lace wyandotte who gave me one egg over her lifetime, was broody with everyone else's eggs, and the favorite of the rooster..............go figure!
See my response below. Did your wyandotte seem healthy and live a normal lifespan, despite only ever having one egg?


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Jul 10, 2020
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I once had a hermaphrodite chicken s/he never crowed and never laid an egg. Didn't quite look like a roo but didn't quite look like a hen . That may be what you have going on here.


Sep 22, 2020
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I have been watching this thread for some time. When I first saw the original pics I didn't think it was a roo. I'm still not positive. You'd think at this age there would be definite signs one way or the other...I will say, I have two barred rocks. I got both in March. One is small, with a small comb, and has more white barring than the other. The other is the largest bird in flock (bigger than my four-year-olds!) and has less white barring and a big floppy red comb and wattles. BUT it was also the first hen to start squatting (my go to signal for beginning to lay) and she laid the first egg out of the 10 chicks I got in march. She was barely 6 mos. So it may be a really big, lazy hen, or a shy rooster, or "both". I'm not there to see it in person so I can't say without a shadow of a doubt either way. Hope this helps!:)
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Dec 27, 2017
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Hi all!

One of my two girls still hasn't laid her first egg and I'm beginning to worry. She's a rather large girl, I believe a BR, and close to 36 weeks. Is this normal??

My other girl is an Olive Egger, much smallet than the BR and started laying back in July. She's a solid every day layer.

The BR still doesn't squat and her legs are still very close together when she stands. She's overall very healthy with a full and quite large bright red comb. Its been large and red for over a month now.

I'm about to add 4 more girls to the flock and after that I'm not sure if I'll be able to tell if she's laying or not 😅

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That is because he is a she!!!

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