Large BR Pullet about to be 36 weeks and hasn't laid!

Debby R

Nov 22, 2016
Really? I've posted so many photos of her development on here and have been assured over and over she is a pullet... She has no saddle or hackle feathers and hasn't even showed a sign of crowing.
“Her” tail feathers are quite long. My Barreds are not that big nor are their tail feathers that long. May be a rooster. When “she” crows you’ll know for sure.


Jul 3, 2011
If it's any comfort, I've got a splash-laced red Wyandotte pullet born March 4 who is not laying, though she looks and acts healthy, and is of good size. She's at the bottom of the pecking order and timid, though my flock has plenty of room and feed/water stations, so she's able to get what she wants. The five other chicks I got with her all began laying at the expected time, around five months. I've never seen a "holdout" like this in my 20 years of flock keeping.

When I posted here about her a month ago, one responder said she had a buff orpington that didn't lay until she was 11 months old! I figure my Wyandotte is either a very late bloomer, or something is amiss within, and one or the other will be revealed in time. In the meantime, I'm just watching and waiting. Good luck!

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