Large BR Pullet about to be 36 weeks and hasn't laid!


Apr 25, 2020
I believe she is a pullet. If you free range, I would do what that one person suggested and start looking for a hidden clutch of eggs. Also, my barred rock has a sound like a banshee when she lays an egg. It’s not really any little clucking chicken song… It’s hilarious. Anyway, she might just be taking a little bit longer to mature. I mean, some don’t even start laying eggs for until they are eight months to a year old! Like silkies for instance. Try not to worry. But I don’t think it’s a rooster either. The tail feathers aren’t that long and it doesn’t look like any pronounced spurs have developed. With many other hens around, that boy would be crowing his face off. I’ve included a picture of my Barred Plymouth rock pullet that is 28 weeks.



May 21, 2017
Massillon, OH
She might be intersexed, she’s a late bloomer, or she may just not lay (happens in all species).

We also had a BR from hatchery lines that had a huge comb that flopped over like a red Elvis hairdo. She had the body of a hen, but she also crowed a couple of times and took over as a roo after he was dispatched. She also had very beautiful eggs that she used to sit on, be it briefly.

That being said, she seems to favour you too. Unless there’s some mysterious crowing and wing dropping, I believe you have a very special girl. 😊


Sep 27, 2020
LOL, she's an absolute mystery. Maybe she's both?? It's been such a source of anxiety for me as we cannot have roosters in city limits.
I'm not an expert, but I've read about instances where hens spontaneously become roosters in the absence of a rooster. They can't fertilize eggs, etc but develop some rooster traits and tend to protect the flock like a roo would. I know it sounds crazy but you can research it.

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