lavander arucanas not laying yet!!!!!


6 Years
Sep 11, 2013
Hi, I have 2 female lavander aracanas who have not not laid yet and they are 28 weeks old this week. They have a coop, they also walk around in the greater coop and still no eggs in sight anywhere. I have been feeing them mince (which they love) as well as their layer feed, and lots of water. It has just started spring here in the last week and the weather is improving, but I'm just a little worried as I have had them since they were 2 weeks old and although they seem really happy, I did not feed them starter. I have since read that feeding layer to chicks can be bad for their kidneys with too much calcium. I'm worried I have caused them to be barren by doing this. Can somebody help me? I've heard this breed are late layers, but still........... Thx

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