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I have a lavender aka self blue cochin rooster. Typical of the quality you see in lavenders for cochins, the d'uccle that the hatcheries used to add the color is still noticeable. I am using the lavender hen for a color project and the other roosters won't leave the lavender boy alone so he can't sit in the bachelor bad. He is a small bantam.

Price is very negotiable, just need to move him asap. Pickup in Loudon or Lenoir City, TN, west of Knoxville.
I wish I could find a few hours to go for a little drive! I'm looking for a fun colored bantam roo to go with my fun loving little black hen.
Maybe I have something you "need" and we could meet half way.
Lets see 3 black frizzle chicks-a month old .Rest of my shrimps left today. I have a full size one just starting to lay.Some EE kids,SS Hamburg(no pickles)Sex link kids and some Designer Clucks pullets and roos.Had a bunch more but they really sold this week. In my bator are a few NN-have to keep at least 1 BO More SS Hamburgs,more Sex links,Delaware or Del EE crosses-they were together for 2 weeks before I set these so hopefully pure Dels.
My kids have the Cochin Shrimps for fun..they are so sweet and cuddly plus cute! They want to raise a few cute babies and lavender is a girly color
Any good eggs to swap instead? I am a hatching machine (LOL). I don't need any more mixed you have any bantam cochin eggs instead? Anything?
No Bantam Cochin eggs I need a roo first
I have lots of my green eggs..I have Ameraucana's and EE's living together...chicks have been real good but I culled out my lesser hens this past week in hopes for even better chicks.My Buff and at least 1 black Ameraucana hen is laying so could get a blue true if Blue Jeans can catch my other roo naping so he gets a chance
I need another barn before I will have all of my pure' was supposed to go up months ago but this great winter wouldn't allow for it.
I have fertile RIR BSL and RSL have my RIR living with RIR BR and RIW so it's like Christmas when hatch day comes.
My Delaware's I think I have a problem in the pen..only getting a small amount of fertile eggs I know he's doing his thing but now thinking he's only liking a few hens..could do a few dozen so some would be good
He's also very young-9 months so has a lot of growing up to do
I have 42 dth today another 7 going to lockdown today.Around 70 hatching later this month and another 50 or so waiting for this one bunch to hatch and collecting for the second bator hatching later this week.I need to be saved from the eggs

I'm moving a roo out of my Blue Andy pen tomorrow so will have blue Andy's in a few weeks...I know you like those

Next week is going to be pretty so maybe a nice long drive East would be a fun road kids would really like him.Until Chickens come in pink lavender is the next best thing..we have the boy covered already with blue
I would trade him for some EE/Amer eggs. I only have brown, white and beige layers now. I have a single olive egger growing about a dozen of your ee/amer eggs for Mr Lavender? Ha ha.

I could meet you partway if on a weekend.....during the week i work too late to make any long drives.

I gave away my extremely aggressive Jersey Giant rooster last night, so have an extra crate open for temporary "holding".
Hey that works!This weekend I know I'm busy on Sat with Girl Scouts could possibly take a scenic drive on Sunday or next weekend I'm free.My EE chicks are hatching real cute and in lots of colors.

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