Jun 11, 2020
Hey Everyone, we are pretty new to chickens and were wondering about breeding. We have a lavender orpington rooster. We have heard that a lavender would produce black offspring. Our hen breeds are golden laced wyandotte, silver laced wyandotte, rhode island red, butf brahma, gold sexlink, and barred rocks. The genetic calculators online kinda go over our heads so we could ask here!
Would anyone be able to tell us what any of these combos would look like? Or will we just have black offspring no matter who we breed the rooster with?


Crossing the Road
Jul 6, 2016
NW Washington state
You'll have black offspring with silver or gold leakage, depending on the breed of the hen, but will be split for lavender, meaning they will carry the lavender gene. If you mate those offspring birds with another lavender bird, then 50% will be lavender with probable leakage, and 50% will be black with probable leakage, and those birds, again, will be split for lavender.

If you want lavender chicks in the short term, and don't want leakage, it's best to buy a lavender hen or pullet. Crossed with your lavender rooster, you'll get 100% lavender chicks.

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