Lawn was fertilized in Sept. Is it safe to graze hens now?

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Jan 2, 2012
Since getting our chicks in September, we have stopped all forms of herbicide/pesticide application on our lawn. The last time weed killer was applied was in June. Turf Royale 21-7-14 was applied in September. It does have some time-released nitrogen.

Is it safe to graze my hens now (say 3 1/2 months since application)? We have had one long hard rain and many sprinkler sessions since then. I don't plan on using any more of this toxic stuff now that we have a natural means of fertilizing and weeding!

I am very concerned about this because one of my healthy 13 week old chickens just suddenly died. They have been grazing for 2 weeks on this lawn. Could this be the cause?

They are quarantined in the run until I find out it's safe. And they are not happy about this!

Your best source of info should come from the fertilizer manufacturer. Give them a call and ask about it's safety and guidelines when used on pasturage. They should be able to tell you all you need to know.

Good luck.

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