layed 1st egg at 4 months!

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    hi guys! i ordered my girls from MPC and they were hatched April 12th. well, my Silver Cuckoo Marans layed her 1st egg yesterday! it was in the middle of the run, and it had a white coating on it, as well as peck marks, and poop! but hey! i was excited! i washed it up as soon as i collected it..... and ate it that evening! yum!!! i just checked on her again (have checked about 5 times today actually) and she just layed another egg! beautiful brown poop, peck marks or white coating....and in the nest box! i have an egg scale in my kitchen and the eggs haven't even registered any weight! lol! they look like bantam eggs. i'm so proud of her! she's not even 4 months old yet. i knew she was getting close! red face, large comb and wattles....the other girls still look pale. no egg song either! yeah! considering i'm an illegal chicken owner!
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