Laying a miniature egg???


10 Years
Jul 2, 2013
Michigan (USA)
So I went out to collect eggs today to find this!

Idk who would have layed it or why. The other eggs are store sized eggs. Just regular/medium.

Will it hatch if I incubate it?

When my chickens have laid eggs like that we call them fart eggs because there's nothing in them, no yolk...I don't know if that's what your egg is or not, could candle it and look for a yolk...
Oh. Well there is something floating in it. Id if its a yolk. What else could it be?

Can I eat it?
It could be a piece of tissue that broke off and the egg formed around it. I personally don't eat them because it doesn't look appetizing when I crack open the eggs to snoop, so I don't know if you actually can or not...

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