Laying Age Mixed Flock - when did your girls lay first?


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When they are darn well and ready! :D
Time of year and diet can make a difference...but anywhere between 18-28 weeks.

I'm on track for all pullets so far, but backyardchickens has taught me to not count on hens until eggs are laid!
Pullets aren't hens until they are one year old ;)
Apr 10, 2021
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At 20 weeks/5 months, our first egg came from our Barred Rock, Keiko. As of today, the girls are 21 weeks, and we have 6 eggs from two of the girls (3 from Keiko and 3 from Patty, one of our Buff Orpingtons). We also had 2 oopsie eggs that were dropped from the roosts overnight, but we have not been able to identify who they came from.

Keiko's whopper.


Nighttime accidents (very thin shelled).


The top row is Keiko/Barred Rock and the bottom row is Patty/Buff Orpington.

This is so exciting, I'm so proud of my girls! (Or should I say eggsciting... I'll show myself out)


May 23, 2021
Central Ontario, Canada
My Silkie cross (Henny-Penny) laid her first egg at around 16 weeks - I am told that is young for Silkies; and the wee gal has given me an egg a day pretty much since she start laying about 10 days ago! Awesome gal :)

Of interest are my niece's barn-yard mix chicks, the little roosters started crowing around 7 weeks - I think that is rather young as my Silkie roosters didn't start till 16 weeks. The chicks are now 8 weeks and the 4 roosters are crowing like champions!

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