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    Jun 8, 2014
    I have 5 Red Pullets,5 Bantys and one Banty rooster. The Banty's stopped laying back in late oct but the Red's continue to lay! I have been getting 4-6 eggs per day even thru the coldest spell ! My question is my feeding program. I only feed layer crumbles and table scraps. My neighbor commented on how thick the shells were and was surprised I wasnt feeding anything else. Am I doing the right thing? My eggs are perfect if you ask me, no calcium deposits or soft spots. Are they getting everything they need? They are only 10 mths old too. thanks!
    Oops! forgot to state that they are in a stall in the barn. Cant free range due to predators :(
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    [​IMG] You are doing fine but,they do need free choice oyster shell and grit. Thick shells are normal, a sign of good health and freshness! After you eat your eggs for a while, you'll think store eggs are, well, poop![​IMG]

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