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I was checking out at the grocery store this morning and over heard the lady in front of me talking to the cashier about buying the Jiff Peanut Butter one time conatiner packs. She said she packs peanut butter every day for work. She used to pack some in a container but got sick of washing peanut butter out of the tupperware. So she started buying the Jiff containers; eats it and then throws it away. I have never bought the single serve packs, I have seen them on the counter at the store. I believe (I could be wrong) there were 4 container in the pack and it went for $2-$4. I pack my husband peanut butter and carrots 4 days a week. I buy the largest jar of peanut butter and a bag of carrots. I scoop the peanut butter every morning he takes it. For $4 you can get a decent sized jar of peanut butter. I personally think those containers would be great for people who have kids- and you take them out some where (zoo, park, shopping) they eat the peanut butter then you toss the container.

Am I wrong for thinking it is just lazy- because she did say she hates washing the tupperware. Wouldn't you want to save money, even if if means you have to wash a container that night??
I think its kinda lazy.... we don't eat it but I make it when I need it rather than buy it....when I did buy it sat in the fridge forever...
Once in a while I buy those travel sized Nutella and breadsticks thingies when I'm driving but as an adult, if I need to a lunch from home, I do it in whatever way saves me money. And yes, they usually means I have to wash some dishes later. Big deal...
She's lazy. That's all.
I do all I can to save money.
Lazy is relative. Assume that costs them $4 extra a week. If the time it takes you to use the big jar an make daily servings is worth less than $4 then the big jar is a good idea. If your time is worth more than $4 then the single servings are a good idea.

If you are working 60 hours a week you are at the point that your time is worth way more than the money, but if you dont work your money becomes worth way more than your time.
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It's really not so much about laziness but convenience. I buy the instant oatmeal cuz I can just toss a couple in my bag and off I go. I buy the Yoplait yogurt too. Anyone here repack yogurt? Plus I only like the light stuff. As they say Time is money. Also think of the water and energy to heat that is saved. My water bill is very expensive. Plus I have sceptic and the less water I put into it the better. Less dish soap. I think it all averages out.

DW just keeps a jar of pb in her desk drawer. This is why you use a lunch box. Or should.
It could be a convience thing for some people. I guess I am just to cheap to spend $4 a week on the throw away ones. That would be roughly $28 a month, where I buy a 2 pack from Costco for like $11 or $12 and it lasts me 3 months. I'm the person who wants to save money. A penny saved is a penny earned. (that can be put towards a vacation, bill, or fun money).
Gotta agree with rancher, what's the difference between buying the single serving peanut butter's, if that's what works for you, or buying the single serving yougurt's when you could save money and packaging buying the big container and scooping out what you want each day? It's convenience and if a person is willing to pay for the convenience to save themselves some time or aggravation each day far be it from me to call them lazy. Back in the day when I was working full time, raising two kids and taking care of the house and animals I did whatever I could to save time as well as money. It's a trade off.
So, it costs her $1 for lunch instead of going out for an unhealthy burger and fries which are going to cost a lot more and will clog her arteries.

I'm a cheapskate myself, but some people work very long hard hours, and perhaps she would prefer to spent her 5 free minutes every day talking to her kids or caring for her chickens. If she can afford it and it makes her life easier, good for her.

Since standing in the grocery line, you have absolutely no idea what her schedule is like or how busy her life is, you can not have enough information to decide whether she is lazy or practical.
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