Leaking Nipples

Chandra Prater

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Jun 11, 2017
on the outskirts of Los Angeles
We have a PVC pipe waterer for our birds and it seems like some of the nipples are leaking. Do you often have to change out nipples on your waterers? Or do DIY waterers only have a limited lifespan? Don't get me wrong, we built it well, but chickens are super destructive. Do you have a favorite brand of chicken nipples?

P.S.: I am still a 12-year-old on the inside and can't stop giggling as I type this.
A fair amount of water gets thrown out on the ground when they use the nipples. The container has to be straight up and down, not tilted at all. I bought 25 nipples for $3 on Amazon which allowed me to make small bottles for the brooder and several buckets now that they are bigger. This way I have extras to trade out of I need to, too.
katieuppie, we definitely have more of them-- I think you and I may have even bought the same pack from Amazon. I have seen these drip so I know it's not just the chickens being messy. Right now, we are using the smaller, screw-on kind of waterers and lots of shallow pans (it's been very hot so we make sure to have a lot of pie pans full of ice available for cold water or a place to cool their feet). I think we're going to have to scrap them, though. I doubt they are hanging straight downward.
Hey guys, just noticed this thread and I wanted to let you know that the ones I ordered 3 years ago still don't drip. I use them outside throughout the year and in the brooders too.

They are Horizontal Chicken Nipples, sold by Columbus Aqua. It says that water won't stay inside and therefore are safe from freezing.

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