Left eggs out for too long! :(

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11 Years
Aug 20, 2008
Hey guys..

I'm completely sick over the stupid mistake I made. I usually let my eggs cool around 2, while I'm making lunch. In the middle of my lunch, I stop and put them back in. Today however, I was working outside and then went to ride my horse during lunch, so I had to cool my eggs later. While I was doing chores and watching my favourite show. I left them out for 50 minutes!
I was so excited about this hatch.. It is my first, with 14 of my eggs straight from my geese. 12 of them developed and have been doing perfect! Today was day 15.

Has anyone had anything similar happen and have success? Any ideas on what to do? Should I skip my cool down tomorrow or go with normal schedule? It was also my first hatch in my lovely Brinsea.. And now I feel I've ruined it.

Thanks for any advice,
I am so sorry.
Unfortunately, I have never hatched goose eggs, so I wouldn't know.
I definatly would not give up though! I have had duck eggs hatch after the temp. spiked to 120F on day 16, so NEVER give up. Good luck!
I don't think you should panic at all. I would proceed as normal and hope for the best. I've watched my females be off the nest in sometimes inconsistent ways - they still hatched. I'd say - carry on!

I'll be holding good thoughts! Let us know how it all goes!
Remember that nature is really tough,,, don't worry and carry on as usual. All will work out fine. I remember when my daughter had a friend over, they were 8 yrs old, and there was a cardinal bird who had 4 eggs in a ficus tree on my porch, the little girl removed the nest and they played w/ the eggs for a very long time b/f I realized what had happened. Of course, the mamma bird was freaking, but all 4 hatched. Needless to say, that little girl cant come over anymore... ;-) j
They're all alive and kicking! That'll show me to worry too much.. And teach me a lesson about SETTING A TIMER when you're cooling the eggs during Bones. I even saw little legs kicking.. or something kicking. I'm so in love with these babies, even though I have to sell them to the farmer who ordered them.

Thanks for the support/well wishes guys! Y'all are great.

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