Leg Paralysis in 6 month old hen

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    I'm helping a friend with her 6 month old hen. Her leg is positioned like there is a slipped achilles tendon. I checked the leg and the tendon did not appear to be dislocated. I also was able to manipulate the leg all the way to the top, and there did not appear to be any breaks, and no pain.

    Initially she was able to grasp my finger with the claw on that leg, now it appears she has no strength in that foot.

    Other than that, she is eating well, and has not gotten any worse since (this was late last week).

    Owner did say that she recently put up a perch, possibly too high, and thinks the bird fell. Possible injury?
    Any ideas where to go from there?

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    Welcome to BYC. Pictures of the chicken standing may help. Leg bone deformities can cause tendons to rupture as a chicken ages, and you can google it for examples of varus valgus deformity, tibia, dyschondroplasia, and others. Riboflavin deficiency can cause curled under toes and walking on the hocks that can eventually lead to lameness if not treated with riboflavin or vitamin B2. Poultry Pedia Podiatry is a good site to check on slipped tendons.

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