Leghorn or what?


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Apr 27, 2011
Kingsville, MD
I got these from TSC. They are 6 weeks old. I think they may be Leghorns but that is only a guess. The one larger one has dark spots on its wings and they are creamy colored.
Any thoughts? Thanks


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hi my name is paddy farrell i just registered. i think your chicks are leghorn. but not expert. i have a 5 year old bantam called gloria. she was born in a wheelie bin on a very hot june day. she made the llocal and national newspapers. icalled her after gloria gaynor. i will survive song. last sunday she hatched out 9 bantam chicks, 3 polish crested and 6 peking. mum and family are doing fine. best regards to all you chick lovers out there. paddy.
Lots of people posting pics of ones that look like this from the store bins are: TetraTints, pullets, a new cross excellent egg layer

Hard to find pics of them because they are so new.
My chicks looked EXTREMELY similar to the white ones. If they are leghorns, they will grow out of it. I am not real sure what it is though. It may be they got in something or is it natural coloring?
I think the legs look too big at 6 weeks to be Leghorn. My Leghorns have really thin legs that are usually white or pink until they start laying. These are something else. I am no pro---but that's my opinion.

this link about Tetra Tints. Also search forum for more about them. Other people's chicks look just yours - cream color with a few darker spots. Only sold at TSC who get them from Mt Healthy hatchery. They are so new the hatchery doesn't even them listed on their site yet.

Someone emailed the hatchery and was told they are excellent layers of light brown eggs. No info on the parent birds - must be a secret cross.
Good info. Thanks.
I read the link. I think I have TLs. The others are Red sex links. The chicks just got in the coop tonight so they were clean.
Yours look just like my Ally that I've been trying to figure out! He was part of a K5 hatching project, so I don't think he could be a Tetra Tint. The eggs were unspecified from a local farm. His hatchmate that we also got is a Black Sex Link pullet, so I'm guessing he's a Red Sex Link Roo. He started as a very white chick so we thought he was a leghorn. He has the same yellow legs and a few black shafted tail feathers. He is getting alot of buff breast and back feathers this week. He has a very red comb and wattles are just beginning to show. He has been practicing crowing since just before 4 weeks

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