Leghorn or White Rock Rooster?


Jun 13, 2017
Monterey, Calif.
hey all,

So a month ago, I bought 4 mixed-breed pullets that were almost 3 months old from a local, small farmer as I didn't want to deal with raising chicks. I can't have a rooster in my city and just want eggs. The guy I bought from has been super cool and said he was pretty sure he split up the hens from the roosters and said we could switch if I accidentally got a rooster.

A few weeks later, I switched out two of the four as they were very much roosters and crowing and developing the big tail feathers. Turns out I still had one, so yesterday we switched out a third of the original four birds, but now I'm still paranoid as I woke up this morning to light crowing at 5:30am... It has only "crowed" once since being let out of the coop.

The solo photo of the large white chicken is my suspected rooster, which is either a Leghorn or White Rock. Those larger, pointed-down tail feathers have popped up in the last few days, but my Google searches show the wattle being more like a hen. I find it hard to believe all four birds were roosters, but I suppose I could have such luck. I know the top pecking order bird can make noise and hens can make a crow-like noise too...

I just want eggs...

For comparison with the rest of my flock, the photo of the two birds was the first switch out I did and my other bird is the same as the white one there.

Thanks in advance.

~ Nic


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