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Hello everyone,

I brought my 4 chicks home that were incubated,oddly by someone I never met nor ever heard his voice, a bit weird but, it worked I suppose. I now have NO IDEA what type of chicks I have as I had the eggs marked & well.... now they don't have that lol.

Anyway, I have 2 little black fluff balls & 2 yellow. For some reason the 2 yellows have a wonky leg each. I am not sure why or how. They have only been hatched as long as 4 maybe 5 days ago. I read a few of the posts here & someone mentioned something about a bandaid but, I wasn't clear on how to put it on or if I am taping one leg to the other. One yellow one seems to be more "splayed" then the other so I don't know if I should leave it a few more days & see if they straighten up or what?

I've also noticed they keep pecking at each other for who knows what reason. They are cute as anything tho. The bal ones seem stronger & quicker as to where the food & water are but, even one of the black ones has a little bit of a splay look at times. I have noticed the yellow ones will stand on one foot & then hold the other one up like it doesn't bend right.

I am totally lost. Should I make popsicle stick sort of bandage for their legs, wait, or.....?

Went straight away & got them their crumb & bought a lamb with a low 75 watt infrared bulb so I am hoping they will sleep & not go bonky. They are only in a cardboard box that I hope holds them for a few weeks at least.

Kindest wishes & blessings,

ps: I now need to wait until they are about 8-10 weeks to find out if they are girls or boys right?



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Not if your feeding chic starter (its ground up fine then made into little crumbles).They need the grit to process whole grain or cracked grain .etc...cva34

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