Lesson learned: Isolate a broody goose from her flock if you want her to be an interspecie surrogate

Dec 6, 2019
Both died of cold because their surrogate mother stopped caring about her ducklings because instead of isolating herself from the flock with her ducklings, she returned to the flock. The flock outcast might better surrogate mothers. Maybe if I do this again, I will just hand raise the ducklings and make a brooder. Layer ducklings also don't seem to follow their mom around.

There is no snow here but december is still cold. I might do the balut experiment again on summer next year.

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That's too bad. Duckling aren't anything like chicks they don't go under mama when they are cold and if mama doesn't talk to them and get them to follow they can get into trouble. I hope in summer you can get some ducklings to hatch. Rescue some balut.

Merry Christmas!

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