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    Well, I officially own a childs ear syringe. Never thought that would happen, lol!

    The DH and I are giving crop cleansing a shot tonight (our girls had a sour crop for a little over a week now). I've tried acv water and plain yogurt but I'm realizing that I think I need to cleanse her crop before any of that can really help. This morning I checked her crop and it was still large (although slightly less) and squishy so I made the call to move forward.

    Let me know if you've ever done this before and if you have any tips. I am slightly nervous about mistaking the trachea for the esophagus, never looked down a chickens throat before. Anyway, I'll let everyone know how it turns out and try to take a few pics, maybe it will help someone with the same issues.

    Here is what my research has come up with (taken from Glenda Heywood - smart woman!):


    When a chicken obtains a large crop.
    This is generally in the summer time, when much grass is around, or in the winter time when the birds are fed whole kernel corn.
    with grass it is likely to become wound up in a ball too large to go thru the opening in the crop.
    With whole kernel corn it is likely to be to large to go thru the crop.
    The corn issue or grain issue will occur in pigeons also.

    So many chickens eat till they are stuffed. The very day you notice the crop being large and hard or sqissy do this immediately.
    NOTE THIS if after you do the flush there is no change then go and do the surgery. Simply because the longer the bird is in pain from the blockage and nothing getting into the stomach for food it is closing the days for surviva.l.

    Here is my advise as it should be done immediately and that is to use the oil and massage. I mention this so that every one reading my article will have the way to

    Take and use two eye droppers of mineral or olive oil inther morning and two at nite. Do this for 3 days and see if the crop material ever ever moves.
    When using oli massage the crop to get the oil involved in the impactation.
    Also the oil will make some of it either go thru or maybe disolve some of the hardness.
    Get her on the milk and bread only. Do not over do it, but only feed her twice a day 1 slice of bread and milk, and yoguart.

    basically you got to FLUSH her literally with
    soda water
    1/2 cup baking soda
    i pint warm water mix good
    and using CHILD'S EAR SYRINGE ( as it has a small narrow tube on it for insertion into the back of the throat to the right side, so as not to strangle the bird)childs ear syringe to fill the crop

    Fill the syringe with the soda water mixture and insert the syringe into the back of the throat as denoted above.
    Have the bird (either chicken or pigeon) on a table in front of you.
    Then come up from under neath the crop on the breast with your hand and fingers tightly pushing
    and push hard to make the sour material come out come out the mouth. Your force has to push the sour material out as chickens or pigeons do not throw up.

    The bird will open her mouth BUT do not hold her upside down but straight looking at you, looking into her face.

    Do this flushing at least three times at this time. Seeing if the crop is still hard or full?
    If she is not full or hard crop Then take and put her in a cage alone for a week. Do not feed her for 24 hrs.
    Then the next day do this, if she has not hard crop.
    take slice of bread
    put 1/4 cup yoguart
    1/2 cup milk
    and put in plastic feeder so she can drink the yoguart and milk.
    Do this twice daily for the week. she should get good gut flora back and be okay.

    If the bird has hard crop or definitly fuller than normal do the surgery right then.

    I would do the crop flush immediately and then if the crop was still hard do the surgery. I have don many young and old powder Pigeons this crop surgery. It is easily done and all you need is a table and some one to hold the bird. I have done it by my self but I was very self sufficient in the proceedure.

    Items needed
    alcohol wipes
    also alcohol in small dish
    pint of soda water for cleaning empty crop with
    DO NOT use peroxide as it destroys new skin growth
    razor blade with tape on one side
    pure iodine liquid
    strong thread (may use light fishing string clean)
    large clean needle (put in alcohol before using)

    If the bird still has a hard crop by the next day It will need crop surgery
    It is a large kernel of grain or a wound up grass plug she has a blocked crop - or is crop bound.

    So you may have to do surgery. You will have to get some one to help you and Then you have to pluck the feathers off the crop area in the front a couple inches long strip down the crop area. With alcohol wipes wipe the skin area to be cut on.

    With a sharp new razor blade that has tape over the back half of the blade leaving a cutting blade, you got to cut the crop area ( there are two sets of skin, outer skin and crop skin) thru.

    So you see the hard bound material she is plugged with. Now clean out the crop with with warm soda water.
    When crop is clean then flush that area with Iodine.
    Now you need a sterile darning needle and heavy thread.
    Take and sterilize the needle in alcohol.
    Now take and put the two areas of the crop flesh ( both sections at one time) together and over stich it bak up.

    Now put iodine on this Stiched flesh and daily you got to put the iodine on the wound.
    The bird will heal back up in about three weeks, with your caring for it daily with fresh iodine,until she is healed
    For at least 10 days only feed her water with aureomycin 1/4 tsp per qt of water daily.

    Also the feed is this FOR 10 DAYS
    1 Slice of brown bread soaked with 1/4 cup yoguart and 1/2 cup milk
    feed in plastic feeder so she drinks the yoguart and milk. Feed this twice a day.

    It will be good for the gut and also allow the soft feed to go thru the crop and not tear it open. The bird may be able to eat three slices of bread with milk and yoguart a day after first few days. This is good to establish good gut flora again in the birds gut. This helps the birds healing problem.

    Now don't throw out this till she eats it for the twice a day.
    As the sour milk will not hurt her.
    But throw out what is left over once a day and clean feeder and restock
    this mixture the next day.

    Print this off so you can take it to the barn with you.
    By the way that is why I never fed my chickens grass. Maybe she had a large kernel of grain ahead of that. I know it is crop bound.
    She will not be able to have grains or grass from now on.
    As for a while it may catch again and then have to do surgery. One lady I know had to do two or three surgeries as the hen ate cigerette filters. She then had to clean the yard of the filters.

    Email me with any questions
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    Sour crop takes awhile to clear up. So I wouldn't go to these extents until you have given the crop sometime to heal. Sour crop can come from a bacteria infection, a yeast or fungal infection. It can develop because of over use of antibiotics which throws the good bacteria out of whack in the crop. Something the bird ate, or the health of the bird. It can even come from the type of feed they are on. Many things can give a chicken a sour crop.

    So my opinion on this, and I have dealt with sour crop before, and which from your description of the "squishyness" of the crop the birds do indeed have soured crop, is to offer up raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar in the water every day for several weeks. Offer it up to all your birds, healthy or sick.

    Put 3 tablespoons of AVC in one gallon of water. Let them drink it for quite some time. There are lots of good bacterias in the ACV, as long as you use the raw unfiltered stuff, that will help build up the good bacteria in the crop.

    The acidity of the ACV will not allow the yeasts or the fungus to grow. And the good bacterias eat the cells of yeasts and fungus.

    Your flush will not stop a soured crop. It might help in ridding some of the gunk in there, but the bacterias, yeasts and fungus' will still be deeply embedded in the crop lining. And you are risking hurting your birds.

    If your birds crops get overly filled with gasses and gunk, you are better off "vomiting" them. Hold them in your arm like a football. Lean them forward, (never backwards) and massage the crop area. They will regurgitate the gunk in the crop. Only hold them forward for no more than 10 seconds at a time so they can breath. Do it a second time and that will be about all you can get out of it. Keep this up for 2 full weeks or so along with the ACV. This should clear up the infection and allow the crop to regrow good bacteria and heal. Keep them on a soft foods diet...hard boiled eggs, yogurt, wet their layer mash down so it is soft. No seeds, scratch, grass, hard foods that require the gizzard or a lot of digestion. Keep it easy to pass thru.
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    need to think about it.
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    When I raised exotic birds the babies would frequently get yeast infections if the handfeeding formula or brooder wasnt the perfect temp. causing a backed up crop of which in the beginning I lost many. I discovered that I could by "Lactobicillius Acidopholus (SP?) in capsules and add to my hand feeding formula and it was like a mini miracle. If you can get any into them I would highly recommend it. Basically L.A. is a natural priobiotic found in live culture yogurt. Its the "good" bacteria in our system that helps keep the "bad" bacteria in check. You could also try finding some Kefir milk-I am sure that would be a hit as well...same priobotic/results. IMHO this is what I would start with.... Just a thought
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    wow, thanks for the posts, I am still on the fence about wether I should do this. I was worried that what I was doing was not working because it was taking so long and I really don't want to lose my girl. I know the culprit... a clump of grass ( I stupidly fed it to her and she stupidly endulged). It did feel slightly smaller this morning when I was massaging her and she did poop a little so something is passing through. She's been seperated from the flock for a few days with acv water and i gave her a bowl of plain yogurt - which she hated btw - perhaps I'll add a little unsweetened apple sauce to that.

    I'll give her a probiotic blast (actually have some acidopholis capsules left over from when I was having some issues I'll mix into some unsweetened apple sauce, scrambled egg or plain yogurt?)

    Just texted the DH, I'll give it a couple more days.

    Thanks all for being the voice of sanity!

    p.s. give all my girls acv in water everday after I read some of the amazing health benefits on this site - I myself take a tbls every morning!
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    Yogurt and live bacterias are great to add as prevention as in feeding baby birds. However it takes a lot longer to take out a sour crop. So I would use the ACV as the main ingredient as the sour crop killer. Make sure to use the raw unfiltered stuff as it has antibacterial and antifungal properties in it. All that stuff that floats around in the ACV is the good stuff. The Mother as they call it.

    But adding yogurt and live cultures is an added plus. I tried the yogurt and probiotics route with my first sour crop and after weeks of probios in the water and shoving yogurt down her throat, she was still ill. The ACV worked much faster and it breaks down the yeast and fungus much faster. These things can not live in such an acid environment. Good luck with your babies! [​IMG]
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    When the chicken is looking up and the mouth is open, you can see the hole open and close. That's the breathing area. lol

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