Lethargic and sleepy chicks

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Sep 11, 2009
Vass, NC
I bought two hatching's of chicks from two different breeders. One flock of Auracanas that are now about eight weeks old. The second a flock of Marans chicks that are about five weeks old. The Marans get turned out in a run during the day but in at night. I initially lost a few from both flocks from what seemed like a prolonged wasting away that took two or three days befor they died, and then things seemed to level out and everyone was fine. They are fed a medicated starter crumble, the older ones are fully feathered so i just recently removed their heat lamp. Once again I am noticing chicks that have their eyes closed a lot even when they are eating or walking around. They are very lethargic and sleep most of the time. They eat and drink some but it is reduced significantly. Im afraid i will start seeing losses if i don't do something very quickly. Their droppings vary so regularly i cant say if there is a significant change. I see loose droppings sometimes and firm droppings other times. I cant say that ive seen any blood but until now i didnt know i should be looking. No poopy butts though, no nose discharge, no sneezing, no eye bubbles, no crop issues or swollen faces. The run that the younger chicks stay in during the day is on my front lawn and i move it daily. The older chicks are in a three quarter enclosed horse stall on sand. I hope this is enough information to get some help, im really freaking out.
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I think that Cocci is extremely likely.

In fact, if i were you (just mho), i would go ahead and do a strong round of Corid for everyone.

If you see any bloody droppings, that would likely be a good confirmation, but i wouldn't wait. I would go ahead and medicate.

That's just me.
YourLinkGoesHere When I have had lethargic and tired chicks in the past I wormed them using 1-2 drops of 1% cattle Ivomec on their skin at the base of the neck on their backs. Didn't lose a single one.

This year I had a small batch that was going oud during the day and in at night. They that had blood in their droppings, so I also put them on Sulmet. At the time I knew they were goners if I didn't do something, so I treated for both possibilities. The next morning their brooder was covered with Bloody droppings, so I knew it was Cocci. They were on medicated feed, but still got it. The next day they were the same, but no worse. The second was a little better and slowly progressed. I think they were almost gone when I started treatment. All five made it just fine.

Several weeks after they got better: Chicks

Thank you so much. I have ordered Corid from jeffers.com but it will take a few days to get here, so i will try to get some from one of my veterinary friends in the morning. Here's hoping it works:/
I got the Corid this morning and had it administered by lunch time. No one has died on me yet but no one is better or worse either. I will update you again tomarrow. THANKS!

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