Lethargic chick down for the count...updated

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    Need advice on a 1 month old BRLW chick. 5 pm It is lethargic...was active this morning and at noon. Have it in the house now under a light. Because the crop didn't feel normal, used a syringe to give water (2 cc) and gave a mash mix of honey, yogurt and med chick feed with water to soften....about a tsp

    6pm gave 2cc water with Tetracycline and a 1/2 tsp mash mix

    Anything else I can do for now?

    added info: No odor, was laid out flat in pen inside barn where a red heat light is directed on the baby pen.
    breathing with mouth slightly open when on a towel in my lap. Cannot stand on it's own. Have massaged throat to see if anything is stuck.
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    Exchanged queries with an Okie thread connection: Have given the baby two drops of pennicillin injected with an insulin needle into the thigh. That's about 20 units from a 1 ml syringe.
    Now the baby is resting and it will be touch and go thru the night.

    Giving a shot to a month old chick is a hibbie-jibbie situation.
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    hope your baby pulls through. sounds like you are doing what you can. [​IMG]

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